Coats You'll Love Getting Spotted In 2016-2017 ✔

FUR TRENDS 2016/2017

1-The skin has long been considered an object of luxury and pride. At the same time, we can not evaluate their practice, what else can safely protect the cold and cold winter? Choose the right skin product - an art that requires knowledge of the skin, and artistic taste. Although the conservative article of clothing skins are traditionally considered, the way the field is not static. We will analyze the main trends for next winter, while thinking about it, when, where and how not to wear fur.


The combination of incongruous. Feel free to buy skin products of different textures or even different types of skins. Leather jacket with fur inserts? Well, this season is all the rage.
Wraps changes "shaggy" affordable, as well as in rabbit fur coats explode quickly on the way. This option is ideal for young dreamers and extravagant ladies.

The cutting mink, astrakan, form-shape and straightsilhouettes are not in a hurry to lose their positions. Classic is always fashionable! But shapeless layers in the ground are no longer relevant. They can be hidden safely in the depth of the cabinet.
2-This season fur trends fall 2017 , do not be afraid to experiment. Do bright colors fur coat? ¿Fur fur coat bag or dress? By selecting, you will not regret!

3-Do not forget the accessories and details of the fur. Bulky scarves and fur collars, sleeves and skin hoods - all this will be a place in a trendy wardrobe.
Boa - a new trend of the season. Boa prefer fox fur. They can be wrapped around the neck, tie diagonally or horizontally.
Fur hat and ear plugs are always relevant.

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