Fashion School Daily : SPRING TRENDS 2017

1 Style Choices That Prove You're a Grownup

2. Own a Few Nice Things  
I would rather be comfortable and feel like 'me', than win any best-dressed competitions, and own a few nice things, rather than a wardrobe full of fast fashion.

3. Wear What You Love And Love what you wear.

A style is ubiquitous, which fuels and inspire self-expression in so many ways.Designer Margherita Missoni behind the iconic Italian luxury knitwear brand Missoni said "If you adore what you wear, you just look better".Wearing the perfect outfit that you love really makes the day or event you're attending extra special.
HOW TO ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST 2017. Fashion School Daily: SPRING TRENDS 2017.

4. Finding different outfits suitable for different occasions.
How to Dress for Any Occasion

5. Keep a spare pair of shoes

6. look at the quality of stitching as a test of quality.

 This includes seams and any top-stitching. How to tell a quality suit Featured, Foundation, Style, Suits Traditionally, suits are constructed by creating an inner frame work made from horse hair or a combination of wool/mohair called a canvas, the outer fabric is then attached to it by hand stitching.Whether a garment ticks these boxes or not depends on all of its different components and how they work together: the fabric, the seams, the lining, the tailoring and even smaller details like buttons and pockets.

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