Odd Couple! This Surprising Dog And Duck Friendship Shows That Animals Pick Friends Not By Their Looks

Odd Couple! This Surprising Dog And Duck Friendship Shows That Animals Pick Friends Not By Their Looks

A feisty duck has chosen a pretty unusual best friend - a loving golden retriever. Proud duck owner Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks but her four-year-old Pekin duck Rudy and golden retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond. The Orange County-based mum said: “The animals are much like my two boys - they have a love-hate relationship. When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other.”

Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends: CUTE AS FLUFF

Miss Ishiguro included: 'Barclay feared the ducks when they were ducklings. We even had a go at demonstrating the ducklings to him, yet he wouldn't look at them. I think he had dependably been frightened of the ducks until just as of late. 

'It's conceivable that he discovered that conduct from viewing our other pooch, Izzy, who really stalked the ducklings.

 Although no family is without its quirks, this one seems to solve their disputes with cuddling and playing together

'We were anxious about the possibility that that Izzy may attempt to eat one of them so we were continually remedying Izzy's conduct when he would hide in the corners and Barclay more likely than not grabbed on it. 

'That all changed when the ducklings grew up and wound up plainly bigger in size than Izzy. It just required one investment for the ducks to pursue Izzy to get the message over. Presently Izzy is really well anxious about the ducks.' 

'When they are as one, some person is continually pursuing or hoping on another person, however when they are separated, they're continually requiring each other. 

'Barclay loves to eat duck chow - really he just likes to eat and knows there's dependably nourishment in the coop, so at whatever point he gets a possibility, he'll sneak into the coop and eat their sustenance. 

'He additionally likes to drink their shower water and, on the off chance that he happens to be sufficiently stealthy, he adores to sniff a little duck butt.' 

Be that as it may, the pooch and duck blending was not generally so amicable. At first, Rudy delighted in pursuing Barclay away at whatever point he attempted to approach any of the ducks in the gathering. 

Miss Ishiguro clarified: 'Rudy is our alpha duck. He is responsible for everybody and everything.

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