Quartz Nails Are The Newest Beauty Trend ، And They Literally Rock 2017

Quartz Nails Are The Newest Beauty Trend And They Literally Rock

Hi, welcome to the decade of nail art trends, where every single month brings us a new Instagram-hyped trend that burns brightly for a few weeks before dying a quick, quiet death. Quartz Nail Art Will Add A Healing Touch To Everything In Your Life.Salt Crystal Nails Are The Newest, Weirdest Trend in Nail Art.

Rose quartz is the perfect stone to re-create in manicure form as it supposedly has the power to incite a passion for beauty and creativity (both of which are at play in DIY nail art!). The crystal is also said to attract and promote feelings of love toward oneself and toward others.

Right? We weren’t lying; these crystal nails are insanely pretty. And though getting them done at a salon is way easier, you can still try your hand at these crystal nails at home with a few sheer polishes, a super-thin nail brush, some nail polish remover, and this in-depth YouTube tutorial. Or, you know, just go to the salon.

Rose Quartz nails are in, and they’re absolutely beautiful

Rose Quartz Nail Art Makes Your Nails Look Like Mini Crystals.You can never have too many good vibes. The technique itself is easy enough to master. Pick up a sheer rosy pink nail polish we like Essie Poppy Art Pink and apply one coat, then doodle on little "veins" like a real crystal might have in shades of white, paler pink, or gold using a striping brush. Top with another coat of sheer pink and repeat until you have created a look you love. You can even spice it up with accent stones or half moons, or just use the manicure as a foundation for another artistic masterpiece. Read on to see our favorite examples from Instagram as well as a brief tutorial.Marble nails or rose quartz nails – they’re beautiful either way.We’re totally for this trend this summer.

There are lots of different manicure trends to try out from the latest version of high heel nails to gorgeous wire manicures. If you’re a lover of pale pink and crystals, you’re going to love the rose quartz nail trend. Ahead of spring, the look has been popping up more and more on social media.

Those nails actually look like quartz rock, cool.


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