Best Color Your Eyebrows With Henna!!

Best Color Your Eyebrows With Henna!!

If you get too anxious about the constant shaping and filling with color your thin brows, you might find this article interesting and helpful. I’ll show you an alternative way for coloring brows, which will last at least for a month – dye your brows.

How To Color Your Brows Permanently?

Revolution in eyebrow tinting - Henna eyebrows! Henna is it's safe and natural without any chemicals!!

Why spend a fortune in other branded brows that just use some powders, glues, and stuff that feels uncomfortable on the skin or washes off next few days?
Get your Henna Browse Now!!!
Step 1: Prepare The Henna Paste.

There are different colors, but there is also a neutral henna, which will add body and shine to the hair if you choose to use it.Then, when you buy the henna, read the instructions on the package and follow them step by step.Avoid using hair dye. The dye that is formulated for use on your scalp is going to be way too harsh on the skin around your eyes. You may damage the fragile skin around your eyes or even singe your brows off.wikihow.

Step2: Prepare Your Eyebrows for Hennaing
Before applying the mixture, wipe the grime and makeup off your brows with alcohol wipes. Wait a few minutes, apply shea butter or petroleum jelly around your eyebrows in order to protect the skin from staining.
Step 3:  Applying Henna Paste To Brows
  Add henna with a mascara brush or Q-tip.

Step 5 The Waiting Game.
Hennaing Eyebrows and Timing. If you already henna your hair, use the same times on the brows.
Some people are allergic to henna without knowing! Please do a patch test to see if this applies to you.

Step 6: Removing Henna Paste.
To Remove the henna paste, simply peel off the kitchen wrap and wash brows with warm water.
 you can see the difference between the original look of the eyebrows and the result after the coloring with the brows.How to Dye Your Eyebrows.Right Way To Use Henna for Eyebrow Dye.
How To Color Your Brows With Henna.

Eyebrow Henna Tinting.
Why is that working? On your brows you have a lot of thin and bright hairs, which couldn’t be seen with a naked eye and the henna is coloring these hairs. Henna eyebrow filling or the "Hollywood Look" is a henna tint that will give color to your hair, as well as your skin. This will give you the effect of a fuller, and sharper looking eyebrows. You do need skin tests for this, as it does have a chemical base.

Eyebrows on Fleek: Why Henna for Your Brows is the Next Big Thing.
I have much lighter colored eyebrows than my hair and so when I am getting all dressed up to go out, I routinely use an eyebrow pencil to color my eyebrows just a little bit darker. It gives me a much more elegant look and I can even do a bit darker than normal for a more dramatic look. However, I am notorious for wanting something easy that I don't have to put on every day.


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